Bulk Order

We accept orders for DDP, FOB and other shipping methods, and support one-stop product service. We have a large inventory of products that can be shipped basically the next day, and provide express tracking numbers and shipping methods to provide you with real-time updates on the shipping status of your products and their schedules. Products will be adjusted MOQ depending on the type of product and whether it is a custom product, but in general, we can accept sample orders and formal orders for small quantities of products as long as they are in stock.

If you are very interested in our products and want to place an order, please contact us directly through the Contact Us section. You can send us the pictures of the products you need, or the product numbers, and inform the customer service staff of the quantity of products you need and the requirements for the products, and the customer service staff will provide you with the most favorable price according to your needs, and provide you with the shipping cost of the products after you provide the delivery address.

The Process of Sending Inquiry

1. Confirm the requirement

2. Contact customer service and send the required products

3. Inform the product requirements

4. Provide receiving information (preferably leaving an available email number)

5. Customer service feedback

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