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Could I Get A Sample For Reference?

Of course, you can. We will send you usable samples, but we will charge you for them. The sample fee can be refunded upon confirmation of the order.
If you have special requirements for the sample and need to customize it, you need to pay the proofing fee. We will also refund the fee when there is a firm order.

Do You Accept Small Quantity Order?

It depends. If the products you like are in stock, we can accept small order. We usually sell our products by carton quantity, some times there are troubles to make certain small orders.

If you have special requirements on the goods, the quantity should reach our MOQ.

Is There Any Discount?

If your demand is large enough, we will give you a feasible discount. As we all know, the greater the quantity, the lower the cost.

I Am A Designer. Can You Help Me Produce My Design?

We can. All of our products are custom-made, and we also help our customers make their designs. You need to provide detailed design documents or samples.

Payment & Shipping

What Are The Terms Of Payment?

T/T, LC, or Western Union is acceptable. Other forms of payment are negotiable.

How Do You Deliver?

By sea, air, DHL/FEDEX/TNT/UPS/ SF.

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